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2022 Canada Games & Upcoming Games

2022 Canada Summer Games
Game Dates:
August 6 - 21, 2022
Niagara Region , Ontario
Let's go Team Yukon

Team Yukon is a collection of the territory's best young athletes in a variety of sports and are led by the Chef and Assistant Chefs de Mission. 

Our team is known for its hard work, sportsmanship, and passion. All qualities you will see on display as they take the court, field, beach, and track to compete. 

The 2022 Canada Summer Games will be held in Niagara, Ontario and are being put on by the 2022 Host Society: Niagara.  The Games are host to more than 30 sports across the summer and winter events. Eighteen sports will be played in Niagara. 

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Flight Info 

Week ONE (Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Mountain Bike, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling)

  • AUG 5th, 2022 - Depart Whse 06:00 - arrive Ontario 15:30

  • AUG. 14th, 2022 - Depart Ontario 16:30 - arrive Whse 20:55


Week TWO (Athletics, Canoe/Kayak, Road Cycling, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball)

  • AUG 14th, 2022 - Depart Whse 06:00 - arrive Ontario 15:30

  • AUG. 22nd, 2022 - Depart Ontario 15:30 - arrive Whse 19:55

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Arctic Winter Games
Game Dates:
Wood Buffalo, Alberta

This is where it starts. It’s where we come together.


The Arctic Winter Games bring our Circumpolar world closer together. The Games strengthen our communities and provide our youth and their territorial sport organizations with an International Games experience; it’s where they showcase their talent and share in the joy of sport.


In addition to promoting the benefits of sport, the Arctic Winter Games build partnerships and promote culture and values.

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2023 Canada Winter Games
Game Dates:
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Come build the fabric of the Yukon and wear it on your back.


The Canada Winter Games is a life-shaping experience for all participants, creating legacies that everyone will benefit from for years to come. The Games bring together thousands of athletes for the largest multi-sport event in the country.


Nearly three weeks long, the Winter Games merge sport and culture. They inspire us to do better. To be better. The Canada Games always provide a positive economic impact for the host city. But what’s truly priceless are the memories and community spirit these high-performance games always generate.


The Canada Games logo sums it up: A mix of a spark and a maple leaf, representing the Canada Games vision to “spark greatness.”


Spark your own greatness. Come stamp Yukon’s brand on Canada’s biggest stage.

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Sport Yukon's Role


Sport Yukon wants you, the participant, to focus on one thing – your event and repping the Yukon proudly.


We assist the Yukon Government’s Sport and Recreation Branch in the organization of Team Yukon in its participation in the Arctic, Western Canada, and Canada Summer and Winter Games.


Consider us your conduit. Games registration and information flows through our website and social media platforms. We are here to work and communicate with participants, mission staff and parents to ensure  important dates are well promoted and everyone is organized.


We get to do some fun things too. Sport Yukon takes great pride in designing the Team Yukon apparel, providing pins and flags, organizing pep rallies, and getting the best photographers to capture the Team in action.


On the ground, we are the Assistant Chefs there to assist the Sport and Recreation Branch and you.


Participants, get out there and do yourself proud, Sport Yukon will take care of the rest.


Team Yukon's History 


“The Yukoners will not be forgotten – their spirit was something everyone admired.”

                    – CBC sports host about Team Yukon in 1967.


It was February 1967 when the first Canada Winter Games were held in Quebec City. This important milestone for Canadian sport was also one for the Yukon.


Team Yukon left an indelible mark on the rest of the country. Although the Yukon won no medals, “Yukoners were crowd winners” according to a Whitehorse Star headline from the Feb. 20, 1967 issue.


Figure skater Joanne Snyder of Whitehorse, then 10, was the youngest athlete at the Games. Cross country skiers Gordon Ryder, Gordon Taylor, Doug Bowers and Owen Hughs placed fifth in their relay event.


The badminton team picked up two victories at the Games and Duke Collins’ Curling Rink tied P.E.I for seventh.


It was a mere two years before Team Yukon was back in action – this time in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for the first Canada Summer Games.


Team Yukon was treated to a rousing reception during the opening day parade and a “Yukon Night” was held in Halifax – a party hosted by the territorial government for all provincial and territorial missions.


Between the premier Canada Winter and Summer Games, the idea of the Arctic Winter Games began to emerge as Yukon Commissioner James Smith and N.W.T. commissioner Stewart...


Milestones & Achievements


Cross country skier Dahria Beatty earns her second Olympic berth.


Sasha Masson and Derek Deuling earn spots on the Canadian World Junior Championship team.


The official bid process is launched for Whitehorse to host the 2027 Canada Winter Games.


Whitehorse was prepared to host the 2020 Arctic Winter Games. It was the 50th anniversary of the Games and Team Yukon athletes were ready to represent the territory proudly. Because of COVID-19, the Games were cancelled a week prior to starting.


Team Yukon earns nine medals at the Western Canada Summer Games in Swift Current, Sask. Medal winners were: Judy Russell, Jaymi Hinchey, Cassi Jensen, Mia Barrault (2), Julianne Girourd (2), Mara Roldan, and Jack Amos.

...Hodgson watched the territorial athletes struggle against their southern counterparts.


The two commissioners enticed Alaskan Governor Walter Hickel to join this northern circumpolar sporting and cultural event.


The first Arctic Winter Games were held in 1970 in Yellowknife and were opened by former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The Games were a huge success with over 500 athletes competing – that success has carried on over 50 years.


From the onset of the Canada Games and Arctic Winter Games, Team Yukon has been a staple at the competitions. In 1983, Team Yukon competed at its first Western Canada Summer Games.


No matter the decade, one thing has remained consistent. Team Yukon has left its mark on the country. 

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Team Yukon athletes show off their 2022 CSG gear
Sport Yukon

Sport Yukon congratulates all members of Team Yukon heading to the 2022 CSG

On Aug. 5, the first wave of Team Yukon athletes, coaches and support staff will leave for the 2022 Canada Summer Games in Niagara, Ontario.

A Yukon mountain biker traverses the course.
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Mara Roldan earns gold at National criterium

Mara Roldan earned the Yukon's first-ever title at a women's criterium nationals.

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Softball Yukon brings 33 female ball-players on an exposure trip

For the first time, in a long time, Softball Yukon travelled Outside on an exposure trip.