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National Sport Trust Fund

What is National Sport Trust Fund? 


The National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) allows our Territorial Sport Organizations (TSOs) and their members to establish revenue generating projects to advance amateur sport. Recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency, charitable tax receipts can be provided for qualifying donations. 


What types of projects are eligible?


  • fundraising for equipment

  • fundraising for sport projects

  • fundraising for athlete travel (athlete and donor names are required)

  • fundraising for administration (if it also contributes to your amateur sport development on the National level)

Learn more about the program

Sport Yukon will provide the following support to your project: 


  • Provide yearly financial updates to your organization; 
  • Provide charitable tax receipts to eligible donors; 
  • Provide fundraising ideas to further develop your project; and 
  • Our communications coordinator will: 
  1. Create press releases related to your project; and 
  2. Promote your project through our social media channels.

  1. Once your project has been approved by Sport Yukon's review committee, you can start promoting your project. 
  2. Donors can donate online at (we will give you a unique URL specific to your project) or you can donate by cheque/cash at Sport Yukon.

  1. Have your Fund Administrator upload photos of receipts, a project reporting form (interim or final) and pictures from your project. 
  2. A cheque will be created for your organization. 

Sport Yukon only charges fees to cover actual costs (bank fees, monthly charges for online donation platform, deposit fees from the bank, etc..)


  • Each project will be charged an annual fee of $50.00
  • Each project will be charged $1.50 per cash or cheque donation deposited.  $1.00 for every credit card donation deposited.
  • MiCharities (online donation platform) charges 4.9%  + $.30 for all donations using credit cards.  There is an option on the site for your donors to pay this portion in order for your project to receive all the funds.
  • Credit card donations through Sport Yukon’s point of sale will be charged 5.5 %



Ex:  $1000 donation through Micharities.


  1. The donor has the choice to cover the MiCharities fee. If they choose to cover the fees they will be charged $1000.00 + $49.00 + .30=  1049.30.   When this is deposited in your account, your project will be charged. $1.00.       


The amount for your project:  $999.00


  1. The donor chooses not to cover fees: If a donor chooses not to cover the fees, they will be charged $1000 and MiCharities will keep $49.00 + .30. 

When this is deposited in your account, your project will be charged. $1.00


The amount for your project:  $949.70


** MiCharities will send tax receipt via email to the donor


Ex: $1000 donation by cash or cheque


Sport Yukon will collect cash, cheques.   Staff will ensure that tax receipt is sent to the donor.

Sport Yukon will deposit cash/cheque into your NSTF project account.

A charge of 1.50 will be charged per deposit.



The amount for your project:  $998.50

How to apply


  1. Reach out to NSTF fund manager through Tell us about your project to confirm eligibility before application.

  2. Territorial Sport Organizations must be a Sport Yukon member in good standing and assign a Fund Administrator.

  3. If you are a club, connect with your Territorial Sport Organization (TSO) as they will need to be the supporting organization and submit the application. You must be in good standing with your TSO.

  4. If you do not have a Territorial Sport Organization, approach Sport Yukon who can be the supporting organization in some instances.

  5. Submit the online Project Application form.

  6. Projects will be reviewed by the NSTF review committee.

  7. Once approved, we will reach out to the Fund Administrator to develop a timeline for setting up projects and assisting with promotion, as desired.

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