Continuing the Legacy 


The Jamie Shaw Memorial Foundation’s hope is to carry on the legacy set by Jamie. The Foundation will assist youth and coaches in the Yukon continue with their journey of personal development and life-long learning.


The fund will assist with the financial cost of athlete and coach development, and provide direct financial assistance for athletes to attend competitions.


Funding opportunities:


  • Athletic Scholarship – $1,500 toward training and development.

  • Coaching Scholarship – $1,500 toward training and development.

  • Bursary for Athletic Trips – $500 toward school related athletic trips.


The Selection Process


The selection process will consider the applicant's dedication to sport, commitment to improvement, existing community engagement and plans for reinvestment in the community, and financial need.


When to Apply


There are two application intakes. The first deadline is April 15th, and the second is October 15th. 


Visit the Jamie Shaw Memorial Fund Website



    If you'd like to donate to the Jamie Shaw Memorial Fund to assist athletes, coaches, and the bursary program click below. 

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