Unveiling a Partnership between the Kid’s Recreation Fund and Shaw Direct’s Dollars for Goals Program

Dec 14, 2016

We at Sport Yukon are thrilled to announce that Shaw Direct has partnered with our Kid’s Recreation Fund for the 2016-2017 Rec Hockey Season!

Shaw is partnering with Sport Yukon to continue efforts through the Shaw Direct Dollars for Goals campaign. Shaw’s work with non-profit organizations like Sport Yukon is part of what they call the ‘Shaw Kids Investment Program’, or SKIP. SKIP shines a spotlight on the work Shaw’s charitable partners do in their communities to support today’s youth. The Dollars for Goals program was initiated to enhance and highlight the efforts made by the local teams Shaw partners with.

For every goal scored during the 2016-17 season by the local hockey team in Whitehorse, Shaw Direct will donate $20.00 to Sport Yukon’s Kid’s Recreation Fund! This terrific partnership between Shaw Direct and the local team will ensure that more local children get the chance to play organized sport who otherwise would not have had the opportunity, and the contributions to the Kid’s Recreation Fund will ensure that even more Yukon children will be able to participate in sports and recreation.

This past weekend, December 10, this partnership was officially unveiled at Takhini Arena with the local Shaw Direct hockey team. So far this season, they have raised over $1200, and there are many more games to come!

For questions or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Alexandra Gabor at Sport Yukon, 668-4236 or news@sportyukon.com

Avery Brohman at Shaw Direct, 698-1903 or avery.brohman@shawdirect.ca