Take the Higher, Faster, Stronger Yukon Challenge

Nov 22, 2013

Higher, Faster, Stronger Yukon!

Dates: November 25th-30th

Sport Day in Canada is a nation-wide event that inspires Canadians to get involved in physical activity. Sport Yukon wants to inspire Yukoners to take pride in their participation to a “Higher, Faster, Stronger Yukon.” The focus is on contribution over competition.

Higher: This will be achieved by doing jumps. If you jump onto a 30cm box/stairs 10 times you have contributed 300cm. You also can use a skipping rope and count 10cm for each jump. Each participant needs to keep track of how many jumps they have done at each height.

Faster: This will be achieved by running. The participant keeps track of laps or lengths.

Stronger: This will be achieved by lifting from the knees to overhead.  You can use medicine balls, body bars and Olympic lifting bars, depending on availability. You also can lift sacks of flour or other household items with a standard weight. The participant will need to track how many times they lift each weight.

If you nee more explanation check out this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ_yC6KceWY

Sport Yukon wants to motivate individuals, groups and communities to participate in this Yukon wide event. It can be done in your living room, during your lunch hour or during your regularly exercise.

All results will be gathered and calculate the grand total for the Yukon.

If you need some inspiration come out and participate in on of the public events. The Higher Faster Stronger Yukon – Staff will be on the 26th in Carmacks and the 27th in Pelly Crossing. The event will include healthy snacks, prices and a Kid´s Recreation Fund information session for parents who are interested. As well the Recreation Departments and Schools in most rural communities will participate in this Yukon wide event. If you haven’t registered your community yet it is not too late. The last day is November the 30th!

For all inquiries, please contact Jeane Lassen at 867-393-8338 or by e-mail at jlassen@sportyukon.com.

The Whitehorse population is invited to attend the Canada Games Centre on November 30th at 9am-12pm in Higher Faster Stronger Yukon, a part of the Centre’s Sport Day in Canada activities. There will be no charges for this event. Sport Yukon is just asking kindly for a donation towards the Kid’s Recreation Fund. This fund provides families in need an opportunity to apply for funding for their children (aged 0 to 19 years) to participate in sport and recreational activities. For more information about the Kid’s Recreation Fund please contact Sandra Freese at 867-668-4236 or by email at news@sportyukon.com


Open in PDF: Higher, Faster, Stronger Yukon Event Information
Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ_yC6KceWY
Tracking Sheet: Higher Faster Stronger Yukon Tracking Sheet Revised