Social Media Contest: “Caption Bomb Team Yukon”, Presented by MEADIASolutions

Feb 27, 2014

The time has come to announce the details for our “Caption Bomb Team Yukon” Contest, presented by our friends at MEADIASolutions

“Caption Bomb Team Yukon”

– From March 3-7th, one Team Yukon photo a day will be released on Facebook and Twitter.
– A member of Team Yukon must Like Sport Yukon on Facebook and/or Follow @SportYukon on Twitter to participate in the contest
– The contest is officially entered in one of two ways
1) A member of Team Yukon (Athlete, Coach, Chaperone, Mission Staff, etc.) comments on the Facebook post with an accompanying caption that captures the essence of the daily photo…bonus points for sharing the post
and for tagging others in your post
2) A member of Team Yukon replies to Sport Yukon’s tweet with an accompanying caption that captures the essence of the daily photo…bonus points for creative hashtags and for re-tweeting/favouriting Sport Yukon’s
– Humour is highly encouraged, but captions must be PG-13 and remain respectful to Team Yukon
– As selected by Sport Yukon, the finalist captions for each photo will be announced on the night of the pep rally–March 14th
– The finalist captions (announced annonymously) will be judged by the athletes, with the top caption being the one which receives the greatest applause from Team Yukon when announced at the pep rally
– Note: A BONUS photo will cap off the online event for the weekend of March 8&9. The captions for the bonus photo must be based around products and systems you can find at Meadia Solutions (For example, Apple products).
– Unlimited captions can be submitted for each photo until the contest closes at 11:59pm on March 9th.
– Must be a member of Team Yukon’s Arctic Winter Games 2014 team to be eligible to win

– Each caption winner for the March 3-7th photos will receive an iTunes giftcard for $25, courtesy of MEADIASolutions
– The winner of the bonus weekend photo (March 8-9th) will receive a FREE daypass to Mt. Sima, courtesy of MEADIASolutions

Good luck, and get ready to caption!

Here is a sample photo:

Sample caption: “I’m telling you: it’s as easy as riding a bike…only 7 feet off of the ground…with my knees in the air…without a bike…”