Major Awards

The Whitehorse Peewee Mustangs hockey team was awarded Team of the Year at our 41st annual Sport Yukon Awards night on Thursday December 15th, 2016!

Sport Yukon’s Major Awards Program

The Sport Yukon Major Awards salute Yukon’s amateur athletes and volunteers who have made outstanding achievements throughout the year.

43rd Annual Sport Yukon Major Award and Hall of Fame presentation will be held in partnership with the Yukon Governments Sport and Recreation Branch Awards Ceremony. The 2020 event TBA

Deadline for nominations is Friday, April 3rd, 2020

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Award Nomination Criteria & Forms


Nomination Year:

Award nominations are considered for an outstanding performance or series of performances from October 1, 2017 until December 31, 2018.

Who May Nominate:

Sport governing bodies, community sport and recreation associations, and other related clubs, groups, organizations or individuals that are active for Sport Yukon. If the sport governing body does not submit the nomination they will be contacted to determine their degree of support for the nomination.


Open to athletes/volunteers who make their primary home in the Yukon and are members in good standing with their associated sport governing body.  Athletes who live temporarily in other provinces for training or education purposes are products of our territorial sport development system, are also eligible for nomination, as are athletes who originally came from other provinces, provided their primary residence is declared as being in the Yukon.

International Criteria:

This category is intended for athletes who have competed for Canada in major international events sanctioned by the National Sport Governing Body such as, but not limited to the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan-American Games or World Junior/Senior Championships.

This category does not include the Arctic Winter Games or the North American Indigenous Games.

Once an athlete has competed for Canada in this category they become ineligible for an award in the Territorial/National category unless competing in an entirely different sport.

Team Criteria:

A number of individual athletes associated together in the same event. Athletes must compete as a team and cannot compete in individual categories in the same sport.

Major Award Winner History

 List of Past Winners

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