2007, Scott McCarthy (Weightlifting)

Scott McCarthyScott and Erin McCarthy were born and raised in the Yukon, except for the technicality that Scott was actually born in Grand Falls, Newfoundland. Scott started weightlifting in Faro at the age of 10, mostly because it was something his big brother was doing and Scott wasn’t much of a skater; that pretty much ruled out the hockey option – and lucky for us!

At 13 Scott won his first Junior National medal. Scott would go on to win hundreds of medals, trophies and plagues throughout his career. Scott has participated in countless weightlifting competitions; competitions here in the Yukon, the Western Summer Games, the Canada Games in 1987 & 1991, the Western Canada Weightlifting Championships, many times including 1990 where he won best lifter in the competition, the 2002 Canadian Weightlifting Championships, the World Weightlifting Championships 1998 & 1999 and 1999 and the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester where Scott became the Yukon’s first Commonwealth Games medal winner with two Bronze. Scott ended his weightlifting career after winning the Western Canada Weightlifting Championships in front of a hometown crowd in 2003 here in Whitehorse.

Through out his career Scott was not only a lifter that helped put Yukon on the map but also a coach where he went to two consecutive Canada Games and in 2003 when he coached the Canadian National Junior Team at the World Championships in Mexico. Scott also personally coached Emily Quarton who recently followed Scott’s lead winning two silver medals at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

As if lifting and coaching wasn’t enough, after participating in two World Championships where he developed friendships with many of the international lifters, CBC asked Scott to work with them in their coverage of the 1999 Pan-Am Games. Sport Yukon recognized Scott in 1999 as male athlete of the year and in 2000 as coach of the year. Scott’s success never went to his head, he continued to give back to the sport here in the Yukon and in 2002 Scott lead the Yukon Weightlifting Association their president.

For 14 of Scott’s 21 years of lifting, by his side was his biggest fan. Providing support as a fan soon turned into a lifetime commitment that enabled Scott to continue his lifting aspirations. Erin and Scott were high school sweethearts that married just a few years after high school. Scott and Erin made many sacrifices and lifestyle choices in order so that Scott could succeed.

The years ahead meant missed moments you just don’t get back such as missed birthdays and anniversaries. People think weightlifting is an individual sport but in this case it couldn’t be further from the truth. Providing inspiration, support and loyalty Erin’s dedication as Scott’s biggest fan never waned. Every time a sacrifice was made, it was a team sacrifice, every time they gave, they gave as a team, every time they hurt, they hurt as a team, and every time they laughed, they laughed as a team and we are fortunate to be on the receiving end of their giving and laughter.