2008, Bud Arnold (Hockey)

Bud Arnold 2008Hockey has been a big part of Bud Arnold’s life since he moved to the Yukon at nine years of age. Since that time, Bud has contributed to the game through his play, his administration, his coaching, and most significantly, his officiating.

Bud has been a certified hockey referee for thirty years. At one point in his career, Bud was refereeing up to 250 games per year, which kept him at the rink six to seven days a week. It’s not often you see hockey referees being requested! In addition to this, Bud has delivered numerous refereeing clinics and been an avid supporter of developing new and younger referees. He has spent many hours on the ice helping new recruits develop the skills and confidence needed to feel comfortable officiating a hockey game.

Bud is a truly dedicated sportsman. A short list of his roles in Whitehorse Minor Hockey include: Minor Hockey Coaching, Minor Hockey Official (Referee), Major on-ice Official for Junior B Claim Jumpers, Minor Hockey Timekeeper, Minor Hockey Referee-in-Chief, Member of Minor Hockey’s Disciplinary Committee, Arctic Winter Games Referee, Canada Winter Games Off-Ice Official

He has a true love and passion for the game, proven by his inability to shy away from stepping in wherever needed at hockey games of all levels. His personality and experience make him a popular and appreciated man, respected by all hockey enthusiasts.

Hockey in the Yukon has benefited from someone who has truly given of himself. His commitment and dedication to this sport has been significant, and for that, we are proud to induct Bud Arnold into the Yukon Sport Hall of Fame