2015, Kevin Murphy (Table Tennis)

At the age of fourteen, Kevin’s athletic participation in the sport of Table Tennis began. Over the next 40 plus years he trained and competed in several Arctic Winter Games, National Championships, Canada Games, and numerous other Provincial and local tournaments. Kevin has been Yukon’s Men’s Singles Champion more than 20 times and is the highest rated Yukon player in the National Table Tennis database.

Along with his competitive play, Kevin vigorously pursued his coaching qualifications and holds a National Coaching Level 4 certification. This difficult to achieve level of coaching enabled Kevin’s athletes to not only obtain a high level of skill, but enabled Yukon athletes the opportunity to compete at any National event.

When Table Tennis was dropped from the Arctic Winter Games in the 80’s, Kevin single handedly kept the sport alive. He made sure there was equipment and a venue to play in for at least 10 years. He never ceased to recruit new players and conducted clinics in several Yukon schools. His recent efforts have resulted in an annual Yukon-Alaska Challenge, and he was awarded a Builders Recognition Award from the Alaska Association. When the sport returned to the Arctic Winter Games in the 90’s, Kevin made sure there was a team to compete.

We thank Kevin for his dedication to this sport, as without it, many Yukoners would not have experienced the opportunities the game can bring.