2006, Peter Milner (Builder)

petermilnerPeter Milner has been described as a “Giant” in the sport and recreation system in the Yukon and across the country. He stood up for the people and the communities in the Yukon that were the most vulnerable. Peter was very passionate about sport and recreation and the benefits that it brings to all individuals and communities alike.

In his formal position as Director for Sport & Recreation he worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone had equal access to sport and recreation. He created a new approach in and between governments to sport and recreation in the establishment of the Youth Investment Fund, the Kids Recreation Fund, the Youth Leadership Program and the development of a Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle to represent the interests of Yukon First Nations in sport development within the territory. He supported the early development of a Yukon Active Living Strategy for the territory that included significant recommendations on how government should work interdepartmentally to achieve the goals of the strategy.

On a National level, Peter was a leader and builder as well at the Inter-provincial Sport and Recreation Council and as the Provincial/Territorial Co-Chair of the F-P/T Physical Activity and Recreation Committee.

“He was a strong believer in the concept of first you dream it, then you plan it, and finally you do it.” Roger Duval(NB)

Peter worked outside of his government responsibilities, serving as a founding Director of the Great Northern Ski Society and as its first President. This society is responsible for developing and opening the Mt. Sima ski hill in Whitehorse. He guided the Great Northern Ski Society through its infancy and when others were ready to give up on the idea of a downhill facility in Whitehorse his smile and never ending encouragement of “we can make this work” would keep them all moving forward. He started the Marsh Lake Loppet in 1995 and led the organization of the event for 10 years which really encouraged and supported recreational level skiers and their families to participate.

This induction to the Yukon Sport Hall of Fame would not be complete without talking about the 2007 Canada Winter Games that will be hosted in the Yukon in 98 days. Peter Milner, as many will attest to, was the driving force behind the Games coming to the Yukon.

Peter spent many years at many tables convincing people that the North was ready to host the Games and that it was essential that we have our turn. Once the Bid was successful he became the focal point for organizing the Host Society, recruiting people for key positions and then worked tirelessly on all aspects of the Games as we started to prepare for this monumental event for the Yukon.

“He was well known and liked at home but he was also well known and respected across the country for his passion, personality and people skills. He simply was one of the best, always with a song in his heart and a smile on his face. Peter’s dream was to host the 2007 Canada Winter Games in the Yukon and we know he will be there in spirit.” Suzanne Mason(NB)

Peter loved people, loved having fun and his laughter still fills the Sport Yukon building everyday.

“His dedication and enjoyment was contagious and he made his work a lifestyle.” Marc Tremblay (Yukon)

“He really is still with us, isn’t he???” Virginia Labelle (Yukon)