2002, Bob Sharp (Wrestling)

bobsharpBob Sharp was inducted in the Hall of Fame in recognition of his role as Coach in the Sport of Wrestling.

Bob Sharp was inducted in the Hall of Fame in recognition of his role as Coach in the Sport of Wrestling. In 1968, Bob Sharp came to the Yukon as the Principal of the Ross River School. Bob originally started his coaching career in the Yukon in wrestling in this same year. The team ot wrestlers from Ross River won all matches aginst the older FH Collins team in Whiterhorse games. The following year Bob began coaching cross-country skiing after hearing a presentation by Father Mouchet and Father Veyrat about the TEST Ski program. Bob solicited his alma mater, University of Alberta, where he was a top athlete, for old equipment they could spare. The Ross River team received wrestling mats, jock straps, running shoes: all the equipment left behind in gym lockers. Bob realized the big running shoes worked just fine as ski boots; Bob traveled with athletes to Inuvik and Old Crow for the Top of the World X Country Ski Championships, however it was wrestling that Bob excelled at. Bob, took wrestling teams to many competitions in Alaska, and to national championships. This raggle taggle group shocked the athletes and coaches in Fairbanks, as they were extraordinarily tough. Still competing in the sport of wrestling Bob participated and arranged with George Perry the National Wrestling Championships in Whitehorse in 1970. Unfortunately Bob broke his rib in the second match; after that he stuck to coaching.

From 1972 to 1976 Bob lived in Old Crow and coached cross-country skiing and only a little wrestling. In 1976 Bob became the Vice-Principal of Whitehorse Elementary and started coaching wrestling again. Bob Sharp was instrumental in renewing Yukon’s national status with the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association. Frank Davidson and John McCordie reignited Yukon wrestling when Watson Lake became involved. The number of Yukon teams expanded and wrestling became increasingly active, spreading into South East Alaska competitions. Bob continued upgrading his coaching skills by taking athletes and attending coaching seminars at summer training camps over a period of twelve years at Simon Fraser University and Jasper Alberta. During a two-year stint in New Zealand, Bob continued to coach and gained even more knowledge in his sport. Bob continued his coaching development in the level three certification program.

Bob developed athlete-training journals designed to help athletes take a larger role in their training and development. He also developed journals for cross country skiing, curling, and soccer. He helped develop a protocol to allow male coaches to coach female athletes, which was one first and crucial step to involve females in the sport of wrestling. Bob has coached Yukon athletes at the Arctic Winter Games, Western Canada Summer Games, Canada Summer Games, and National Championships between 1968 to 2002. Bob is the father and the first coach of world medallist Erica Sharp.