2000, Lucy Steele-Masson (Cross Country Skiing)

lucysmLucy Steele-Masson was inducted into the Hall of Fame for her contribution as an athlete in the sport of Cross Country Skiing.

Lucy was born in Bristol, England and moved to the Yukon at the tender age of 6 in what her parents called a “one year stint”. Lucy did not begin skiing until the age 12 where she represented the Yukon at the 1982 Arctic Winter Games. Lucy excelled very quickly in her sport where she competed at the High Performance Level for 15 years. By 1994 Lucy had received the Yukon Female Athlete of the Year Award – 7 times, and the Government of Yukon Award of Excellence – 10 times. At the Nationals Championships from 1984 – 1996, Lucy brought home 11 medals. She also captured a Silver Medal in 1987, and 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal at the 1991 Canada Winter Games. Lucy did not rest there, as she then competed for Canada at the 1992 Albertville Olympics, and forever Lucy was known as an Olympian.

For many years, Lucy has been a role model for Yukon youth, as they aspire to accomplish great heights. Lucy’s athletic and life journey has been about hard work and determination, about setting goals, chasing dreams and being passionate about her sport. In short, Lucy’s life has been about “a pursuit of excellence”.