1996, Ron McFadyen (Media)

rmcfadyenRon McFadyen was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his dedication to and promotion of amateur sport in the Yukon.

Ron came to the Yukon in 1969 to work for the CKRW radio station. He joined CBC radio in 1973 and in 1985 began reporting sports. During the next 10 years Ron covered Yukon sports on a daily basis.

On Monday mornings, Yukon communities turned their attention to the radio at 7:40 and the morning sports with Ron. He presented the accomplishments of both our Olympic athletes and those of the little kids down the street that had just played in their first soccer game. Ron’s job as a reporter meant that he eventually had to “do” sports of his own. He took up running and started competing in the Klondike Road Relay. This involvement lead to special reports on the event, with insights and detail that only a participant could bring to the listener.

In 1991, Ron won the Media Person of the Year Award from Cross-Country Canada in recognition of his tireless promotion of Yukon cross-country skiers. Ron also won Sport Yukon’s Media Person of the Year Award eight times for his commitment to excellence in reporting Yukon sports. Ron was known for his ability to get that shy little kid to say something on the air about the sport he or she loved.