1995, Selwyn Hughes (Cross Country Skiing)

shughesSelwyn Hughes was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution to the T.E.S.T. program (Territorial Experimental Ski Training).

Selwyn became a main contributor to this program when he arrived in the Yukon in 1969. Over the years he touched the lives of hundreds of youth aged 12 to 16 that were a part of the T.E.S.T.. He was dedicated to the youth of the program, working through Christmas holidays, spring breaks and summer holidays. He introduced them to a variety of activities including cross-country skiing, running, canoe trips and hiking trips. Selwyn also chaperoned and coached the annual four week T.E.S.T. trip to France and in the summer of 1995 he took a group of T.E.S.T. youth to Wales for a three week hiking trip.

Through his dedication he has taught youth what commitment and responsibility really means. He was instrumental in developing the goals of the T.E.S.T. program and establishing the reputation the now enjoys in many parts of Canada.