1992, Father Rigaud (Hockey)

fatherprFather Rigaud was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his contribution to the sports of dog mushing and hockey.

Father Rigaud was born in 1920 in Mauves-Sur-Loire, France. In 1940, he joined the oblate Fathers in Pontman, France and by 1946 he had become a Roman Catholic priest. He moved to Canada and was posted in Burwash landing, then Fort Nelson, Ross River and finally in Faro. Father Rigaud was always an integral part of each community. He became very interested in dog mushing while in Ross River travelling to parishoners by dog team. In 1962 he entered his team in the Sourdough Rendezvous competition and placed second. In 1963 he took on the same challenge and captured first place.

Upon his arrival in Faro in 1969, Father spent many hours with the children of Faro. He supervised and assisted them in many sporting activities. He volunteered his time and his firmness and unrelenting fairness made him a favourite with the children. There was always a keen interest to participate in any activity led by Father Rigaud. Children were always eager to be around the wise and experienced Father. In recognition for all that Father Rigaud put into the community of Faro, residents began the annual Father Rigaud Peewee Hockey Tournament in his honour. The tournament became the the highlight of the hockey season for the Faro community.