1989, Dawson City Nuggets Hockey Team (Hockey)

Dawson City nuggetsThe Dawson City Nuggets Hockey Team was inducted to the Hall of Fame for its contribution to the sport of hockey in the early twentieth century.

The team that was formed from the Dawson City Klondikers Hockey Club, challenged the Ottawa Silver Seven Stanley Cup Champions to a game in the 1903-04 season. Under old Stanley Cup rules, once a team won the cup, they could take challenges for the next season. The Dawson City challenge was accepted and two games were played on January 13 and 16, 1905 in Ottawa. Although the Nuggets were no match for the Ottawa team, their tenacious spirit and long journey from the Klondike made this team worthy Hall of Famers.

It took the team 23 days and cost $30,000 to travel east to play their challenge.