1985, Chester Kelly (Boxing)

chesterkellyChester Kelly was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his contribution as an athlete, coach and builder in boxing. He also participated actively as an athlete and coach for running, snowshoeing, snowshoe biathlon, hockey and softball.

Chester was born in 1946 in Aklavik, N.W.T. and at age two moved to the Yukon and has lived in several of its communities including Mayo, Pelly Crossing, Dawson and Whitehorse. His first love as an athlete and a coach was boxing. Coached by Art Fry, Chester won many awards that included Yukon Middleweight Champion from 1970 to 1979. Not only was Chester a successful boxer but he was also a successful coach. He coached the Whitehorse Boxing Club (1981-82) and coordinated all meets for those years. He also coached two athletes at the Canadian Senior Boxing Championships (silver and bronze) and coached a team at the Canadian Junior Boxing Championships (silver). Chester received the 1979 Yukon Male Athlete of the Year and 1980 and 1981 Yukon Coach of the Year.

Chester’s accomplishments in running, snowshoeing, snowshoe biathlon, hockey and softball include several Arctic Winter Games medals, records, and many hours of coaching.