1983, Roy Reber (Many Sports)

royreberRoy Reber was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his life-long commitment to coaching and promoting many sports. He also was active as an organizer of the Arctic Winter Games.

Roy was born in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1923, moved to the Yukon in 1948 and became very active in the sporting community in Whitehorse. He was well known for playing hockey, basketball, fastball, badminton, and golf and coached for basketball and hockey. In 1971 he coached the women’s team at the Canada Games in Saskatoon and in 1967 he coached the hockey team at the Canada Games in Quebec City.

Roy contributed a great deal of energy in the early years of the Arctic Winter Games. He attended the first games in 1970 as a basketball player and in 1972 Roy was the General Manager of the games that were held in Whitehorse. In 1974 the Arctic Winter Games Corporation appointed him to the Steering Committee and he remained a member of the Board of Directors until 1978.

He participated in a variety of projects and served on the National Advisory Council for Fitness and Amateur Sports. Roy always encouraged all facets of sports participation.