1982, John Erickson (Softball, Hockey, Bowling)

johnericksonJohn Erickson was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his contributions to softball, hockey and bowling as an athlete and sponsor.

John’s softball career started in 1947 at the age of 14 when he played for Young Peoples Association in the Yukon. This team became the Capitols in 1953 and with the addition of a few newcomers the team became the Dawson Hall’s sponsored by Dawson Construction. In 1960 John became the sponsor and they became the Regina Royals. During the period between 1947 to 1960, John was a member of the championship team four times. John hung up his pikes as a playing member of his team around 1980 but continued to sponsor the Royals.

John has sponsored many sporting teams, particularly softball and hockey on both an adult and minor level. He organized and operated a ten pin bowling league in Whitehorse and assisted in organizing the commercial hockey league. John was the Softball Canada Commissioner of the Yukon from 1972 to 1985.