1980, Bert Boyd (Curling)

bertboydBert Boyd was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his dedication to curling in Whitehorse.

In 1964 Bert Boyd moved to Whitehorse from Foxwarren, Manitoba where he had already a long history of curling. When he arrived in Whitehorse he immediately jumped into the curling scene and spent much of his spare time curling. In March 1952 he won a Dawson City bonspeil which inspired him to organize a group to build a sophisticated curling rink in Whitehorse. At that time the Whitehorse curling rink had burned down and the only place to curl was at a makeshift rink in an airplane hangar. He sold shares, raised money and solicited donations for the rink.

The rink was raised completely with volunteer labour and donations and opened in 1953 as the Whitehorse Curling Club. In October 1953 the club elected its first executive and voted Bert president. He also served as the president of the Yukon Curling Association for many years, an association that he strongly influenced. Bert lobbied successfully to have Yukon recognized as an official zone by the Canadian Curling Association and in 1959, B.C. granted Yukon entry into the B.C. playdowns.

Bert Boyd was named to the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame in 1975. He passed away in 1977