Athlete Participation Fund



As part of the Lotteries Yukon 40th anniversary celebrations, the Yukon Lottery Commission made a one-time contribution of $100,000 to Sport Yukon to assist low-income families. Funding for the Athlete Participation Fund is through this one-time contribution.

The Athlete Participation Fund is a time-limited fund designed to support low-income families with:

  • Participant costs for Territorial Sport Organization representative team travel outside the Yukon
  • Team Yukon participation fees for upcoming 2021 Canada Summer Games and 2020 NAIG

A maximum of $500 per youth is available each fiscal year under the Athlete Participation Fund.

The deadline to apply for the 2020/2021 funding season is March 17, 2021. Applications for 2020/2021 are now being accepted. At that time, funding eligibility requirements must be re-submitted for approval.

Please submit your application to:
Sport Yukon
4061 4th Avenue, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 1H1
Fax: 867-667-4237

For more information please contact Sport Yukon at, or 668-4236.

Apply now: Athlete-Participation-Fund-Application-2020-2021




To prove an athlete’s eligibility for the Athlete Participation Fund, Sport Yukon is required to verify documents in the following three categories: household income, family status, and the athlete’s Yukon residency. Please contact Sport Yukon if you are unsure what documents may qualify.

Household Income:

Funding is available for Yukon youth, aged 18 years and younger, whose family combined household net income is under:

  • $43,900 with 1 child
  • $50,300 with 2 children
  • $56,700 with 3 children
  • $62,500 with 4 or more children

Proof of Family Status:

Proof of family status is required from parents who are not married or common-law to verify their individual net income. Acceptable proof of family status include a tax return summary showing family status, a statutory declaration, or a letter from the parent’s landlord, employer, social/support worker, minister, lawyer, accountant, or tax preparer. Please contact Sport Yukon if you have questions.



Applications for funding must be made at least two weeks prior to travel. Applications submitted after the time of travel will not be considered.

Proof of the athlete’s participation (e.g., a photo of the scorecard with the athlete’s name on it) must be submitted within two weeks of return travel. Insufficient proof of participation will disqualify this application.

Each application requires an endorsement from either the Chef de Mission (for NAIG, CSG, or AWG funding) or a representative with the sport organization with whom the athlete is training (for out-of-territory competition funding). The endorser of the application must seek from the athlete, and disclose to Sport Yukon, any additional funding sources the athlete may receive in relation to the funding sought in this application. To determine eligibility, Sport Yukon may share the athlete’s name and funding request with other funding agencies.