Boardroom 1 (No Windows) – Old System

$0.50/half hour

Boardroom 1 has no windows. Available for use is a TV (with Apple TV), cables to hook up to your computer, a phone, table and chairs, whiteboard, and access to the kitchen, bathrooms, and an exterior door. A projector, screen, and flipchart are available upon request. The exterior door is unlocked during working hours (8:30am-4:30pm M-F). For meetings outside of these hours, you will need to sign out a key from the front desk during working hours.

The cost for this room, for non-members or for members who have exceeded their 48-hour annual allotment, is $25/hour plus GST. Members within their annual allotment of 48 hours are simply docked 0.5 boardroom hours for each 30 minute booking, as the “price” above indicates.