Services Offered

Copying, postage meter and fax

Upon becoming a member, organizations are given a unique code for postage and photo-copying access. Services are provided on a cost recovery basis and members are invoiced monthly for their usage.

Mail and messages

We have 100 in-office mailboxes which are reserved for our members. Members have the option to have a mailbox set up for their organization in our office and to list Sport Yukon as their mailing address. We receive and distribute mail and fax messages.

Communicating news and events

We can communicate news and events on behalf of your organization on the Sport Yukon website and social media platforms.

Program registration

Many member organizations and non-member associations ask us to distribute program information and take registrations on their behalf. This service is highly utilized and we estimate that we handle over 800 registrations every spring and fall. We ask all members wanting to use this service to provide us with their program registration forms for distribution to the public, a small float if fees are not divisible by 10, and contact information for an organizational rep who can answer questions pertaining to the registration.

Office rental

We offer office space at a very reasonable rate. Currently there is no space available.


Our boardrooms are available to members free of charge, and for a small fee for non-members. Each room averages over 800 bookings per year. Fees are $25 per hour plus GST.

Book a boardroom online (members only).

In-Territory Travel Claim Form

In-Territory Travel Claim Form