Sport Yukon is dedicated to support the knowledge base and confidence of our Membership.  In order to empower organizations we are hosting several LEARNING LABS for you to gain new skills and to put them to practice.

You MUST pre-register for each lab by hovering over the lab of your choice and following the link.



LAB #1 – FINANCIAL LITERACY BASICS for Non-ProfitsDo you get the financial statements for your organization and not know what you are supposed to question or what the documents are telling you? 

Wonder how the numbers come together in a story about the financial position of your organization?  Are you sure you are getting all the information you should have to make informed decisions?  Join this LEARNING LAB to get some simple explanations of what monthly and annual financial reports explain about an organization.  Hear how variance reports and cash flow estimates enhance the picture presented by the Statement of Financial Position (aka Balance Sheet) and Statement of Operations (aka Income Statement).

Jan Mann will facilitate these LEARNING LABS and is a trainer in the area of financial management and has sat as a volunteer on multiple local and National Boards.  She is currently a Treasurer for a local Whitehorse not-for-profit.  Jan holds an MBA and brings to the table more than 30 years of experience in financial management.


This Learning Lab was hosted April 15 and 17th, 2021 registration has closed   🙂



MATERIALS and RESOURCES from this Lab (CLICK on the RESOURCE listed below to open it):

Financial Literacy for Board Members and How To Present Financial Statements at Your AGM

Example cash flow analysis

Example Statement of Financial Position

Example Statement of Operations

Sample variance report


Check back for more learning opportunities in the future!