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Lorraine Kuhn
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A star from the start, Lorraine honed her volleyball and field hockey skills at the University of Alberta (Teaching and Physical Education), where she was named female athlete of the year in 1969 - 1970. As soon as she arrived in the Yukon she devoted herself to building the Polar Games to engage kids in healthy physical activity and organized sport. It was only natural she created competitive opportunities between schools.


Believing to build the teamwork you need to play quality competitors and test your limits, she coached generations of young people and exposed countless Yukon athletes to high-level competition. She trained volleyball and basketball players and took them to compete at the Arctic Winter Games, Canada Games and National Championships.


She was a co-founder of Volleyball Yukon in 1996 (along with Gerry Kuhn and Mike Harper) and encouraged athletes to get their coaching and officiating credentials through Sport Canada. She was a big believer in giving back and recognized the potential in athletes who coach junior teams, creating capacity and skill in the sport and the Yukon.


Lorraine remains one of Yukon’s champions and her legacy continues to build a strong and prosperous community of sport in our territory.

A builder of sport for over 35 years, Lorraine has dedicated herself as a volleyball athlete and coach. She shares her passion and motivation with others so they too develop into leaders