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Arctic Winter Games
Game Dates:
Wood Buffalo, Alberta

Watch the Arctic Winter Games!

The 2023 Wood Buffalo Arctic Winter Games are livestreamed HERE so you can watch and cheer on Team Yukon! 

Let's Go Team Yukon

Team Yukon is a collection of the territory's best young athletes in a variety of sports and are led by the Chef and Assistant Chefs de Mission. Our team is known for its hard work, sportsmanship, and passion. All qualities you will see on display as they take the court, field, beach, and track to compete. 

About the Arctic Winter Games

The Arctic Winter Games bring our Circumpolar world closer together. The Games strengthen our communities and provide our youth and their territorial sport organizations with an International Games experience; it’s where they showcase their talent and share in the joy of sport.

In addition to promoting the benefits of sport, the Arctic Winter Games build partnerships and promote culture and values.

Important Resources

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2023 Canada Winter Games
Game Dates:
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Come build the fabric of the Yukon and wear it on your back.


The Canada Winter Games is a life-shaping experience for all participants, creating legacies that everyone will benefit from for years to come. The Games bring together thousands of athletes for the largest multi-sport event in the country.


Nearly three weeks long, the Winter Games merge sport and culture. They inspire us to do better. To be better. The Canada Games always provide a positive economic impact for the host city. But what’s truly priceless are the memories and community spirit these high-performance games always generate.


The Canada Games logo sums it up: A mix of a spark and a maple leaf, representing the Canada Games vision to “spark greatness.”


Spark your own greatness. Come stamp Yukon’s brand on Canada’s biggest stage.

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