In Territory Travel Program

In-Territory Travel provides a subsidy for participants and coaches from the communities who incur costs for travel to Arctic Winter Games trials, Yukon representative team travel and coach training opportunities, as well as travel for all in-territory Yukon championships.

NOTE TO SPORT GOVERNING BODIES: In‐Territory claim forms are due by the end of each month immediately after the event in which travel took place. (Example: Travelled 5 times in November; claim form due by Dec 31)

PAYMENT/EVENT: The travel rate is set at $.10/km per person for all authorized; Arctic Winter Games Trials, Yukon Representative Team Travel, and Coach Training Opportunities. The travel rate is set at $.05/km per person for Yukon Championships.

Once approved by the sport governing body and the Yukon Governments Sport and Recreation Branch, a cheque will be mailed out to you.

NEW!  All forms are now submitted ON-LINE.  Follow the link below to set up your personal account and to submit your In-Territory Travel form.


SUBMIT your In Territory Travel Claim HERE