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Your event can shine even brighter in the North 

Come play in the Yukon. You'll find a hotbed of year-round sports leagues, events, games and tournaments. Shine in our state-of-the-art facilities. And love the memories you'll create.


The perfect host city can make a critical difference in your sporting event. Venues are important, but our planning services, offering and relationship with you — the sporting event planner — are what create the foundation for a successful event. 


Yukon is a destination offering you a vast array of leisure activities and accommodations. Our team can help you with a range of event planning challenges, from bid package preparation and support to site inspections and coordination. We are your partner for your event. Sport Yukon can even help personalize your event with local vendor suggestions. 


Businesses can boost awareness and revenue with partnerships or sponsorships at one of our well-attended events or venues. We’ll help you with promotional tools and provide you with access to tools like video and photos, logos, presentations, and live streaming capabilities that will have a powerful impact on your sporting event marketing.  


Become a partner in our success and win with Sport Yukon.


Why Choose the Yukon?

Nestled in the northwest corner of Canada, the Yukon is a pristine, unspoiled destination to explore; offering even the most discerning traveler an experience unlike any other and making for truly memorable sporting events.

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Proven Hosting Experience

We’re adept at hosting large national and international events.

Lower Ground Costs

Lower Ground Costs

Accommodations are within walking distance of restaurants and training facilities, resulting in lower ground costs than many other destinations.

Hotel Location

Hotel Location

Hotels for athletes, coaches and supporters are a short five to 10-minute drive from the airport and competition sites.

Tax Saving Incentives

Tax Saving Incentives

With no provincial sales tax, you’re already a winner.


About Whitehorse 

Immerse yourself in the aurora borealis — the ultimate breathtaking theatre in the sky. The Yukon has the best seats on the planet reserved for you and your team.


And we’re more than the famous Northern Lights — so much more. Groups heading to the Yukon can expect all the big-city amenities coupled with truly spectacular scenery. Named the Wilderness City, Whitehorse is nestled on the banks of the Yukon River — Canada’s second-longest river. A robust economy with small-town values, visitors enjoy a safe and friendly experience with complete access to the great outdoors. Whether you’re seeking cycling, skiing or parachuting adventures, Whitehorse is your sporting event destination.


Couple your sporting endeavours and competitions with Indigenous cultural events, follow the footsteps of the Klondike Gold Rush or chase a glimpse of North America’s second-highest peak, Mount Logan. About 80 per cent of Yukon is wilderness. 100 per cent of it is friendly.


Come compete and wrap yourself in Yukon hospitality.




Travel Information 


Home to an international airport with year-round service from several major airlines, Whitehorse is easily accessible to you and your team.


With service from Yukon’s own airline Air North, as well as Air Canada, Whitehorse is only two and a half hours from Vancouver, BC as well as Calgary and Edmonton, AB.


Air North, Yukon's Airline 

Air North makes it simple to access Whitehorse year-round, with daily flights from Vancouver and flights most days from Kelowna, Calgary and Edmonton. Group rates are available and there is no charge for oversized baggage.


Air North’s fleet and seasoned flight crews mean you can charter flights as well — whether you’re travelling with a small group or up to 120 people.


Air Canada

Air Canada offers daily direct flights between Vancouver and Whitehorse. Canada’s national airline can make it even more convenient with access to convention rates.


Flight Times

Whitehorse is the centre of Canada’s north, but a mere two and a half hours from Vancouver, BC and nearly the same flight time from Calgary and Edmonton, AB.


Whitehorse has over 1,000 hotel rooms.

All proposed hotels are located downtown, within 5-10 minutes from the airport, Canada Games Centre and other competition venues. All proposed hotels are within walking distance of restaurants and shopping centres. 


There are also hundreds of Airbnb rentals and alternate accommodation options available. For a full list of accommodations, click the button. 



View our Facilities and Venues

Yukon is home to several world-class facilities for sporting events.

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Event Bid Support


Our sport member organizations host sporting events in the territory throughout the year. When you’re thinking about your next event, we’re here to help you get started.


Through our CSTA membership, Sport Yukon has access to a number of tools and resources to assist Territorial Sport Organizations with the bidding process. We’ll provide consultation and guidance to help evaluate potential bids, along with assistance in understanding the business planning required to bid on and host sporting events. Our templates will help you kickstart the process.


Ready to host an event? 

Take Part in a Yukon Event

New challenges, new scenery and new people. We’re here to welcome you and help you find your next adventure in the Yukon.


Sport Yukon and its members host several events throughout the year. They’re open to visiting participants, and range from road cycling to road running relays, cross country skiing races to paddling journeys down the Yukon River. See what adventures await you.


Past Events Hosted in the Yukon

Shine a light on our local adventures

  • 2,000 participants from across the Circumpolar North. 
  • 2,000 volunteers. 


*The 2020 Arctic Winter Games were cancelled one week before the event due to COVID-19, but we recognize the work put in by volunteers, community partners and staff!

  • 90 athletes and officials from across Canada.
  • 40 volunteers.

  • 380 athletes and officials from across Canada. 
  • 100 volunteers.

  • 70 athletes and officials from across Canada.
  • 40 volunteers.

  • 140 athletes and officials from across Canada. 
  • 50 volunteers. 

  • 80 athletes and volunteers from across Canada.
  • 40 volunteers.

  • 400 athletes and officials from 16 countries. 
  • 250 volunteers. 

  • 120 athletes from British Columbia and the Yukon. 
  • 50 volunteers.

  • 400+ competitors of all ages from across Canada. 
  • 300 volunteers. 

  • 288 athletes and officials from 12 countries. 
  • 250 volunteers.

  • 378 athletes and officials from 16 countries. 
  • 250 volunteers. 

  • 3,000 participants from the Circumpolar North. 
  • 3,000 volunteers. 

  • Over 30 hours of national and broadcast coverage spanning four days. 
  • 300 volunteers.

  • 400+ athletes and officials from across Canada.
  • 300 volunteers. 

  • 4,500 athletes and officials from across Canada. 
  • 4,000 volunteers.