The 2020 Arctic Winter Games girls basketball tryouts.

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You may have already decided on a primary sport to play, or perhaps you're looking for a new one.


Whatever the case may be, there are likely a few sports you haven't tried — but you’d be good at and enjoy playing. Your aptitude for a certain sport is determined by your natural physical characteristics, preferences, and attitude about life. 


All sports fans have at least one fond memory of re-imagining a famous race or a shot in their driveway or on the local pond. Some athletes make their craft look so easy many of us pretend to be pros while on the court or the slopes. Being the best ever isn’t the only reason to play sports though. These activities provide an easy way to stay healthy, connect with others and enjoy some friendly competitions.


What sports were you born to play?

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Two athletes wrestle
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Grapple Yukon becomes territory's newest TSO

Grappling Yukon looks to make wrestling, combative sports more accessible in the territory

Anton Menzel
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Anton Menzel preparing for two National badminton tournaments

Anton Menzel is gearing up to vie in two National Championships in July.

Gaets Michaud shows off his powerlifting ribbons.
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'Mighty Mammoths' raise the bar at first powerlifting competition

Special Olympics athletes compete at first powerlifting competition.