Final Klondike Road Relay Commemorative Pin Unveiling (Leg 10)

Jul 18, 2014

The final pin unveiling — the Leg #10 pin! Remember: the early registration deadline is today (July 18, 2014) at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

Starting this year, and ongoing, we have new commemorative pins to celebrate a participant’s completion of each leg in its entirety. When you put our new commemorative leg pins together, they indicate elevation and time changes over the course of the race–how cool is that! The leg pins will not be retroactively awarded, but will be available for purchase!

There will also be a Senator’s Cup pin that will be retroactively awarded only to those who are already on the cup, and ongoing to those who complete all ten legs of the Relay. The Senator’s Cup pin will not be for sale.

Here is the pin that will be awarded to those who complete Leg #10
this year (and in future years)!

Klondike RR Leg 10