Canada Summer Games

The first Canada Games took place in Quebec City in the winter of 1967 to coincide with the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Since then, the Canada Games have been held at two-year intervals – alternating between winter and summer. In their 40 year history, the Canada Games has been hosted by each of the ten provinces at least once, and in 2007 the Yukon was the first Territory to host the Games north of the sixtieth parallel.

Over 50,000 athletes have participated in the Canada Games since 1967 and another 185,000 have been involved in try-outs and qualifying events. The games are targeted at developing athletes representing the provinces’ and territories’ as top athletes in their age class. The Canada Games have been proven to jump-start many athletic careers. In fact, in the last Olympics, one-third of the Canadian athletes had been a previous Canada Games participant.


Upcoming games..

2022 Canada Summer Games

August 6-21, 2022

Niagara, Ontario