CWG Snowboard – #Team Yukon Application/Selection Info

Mar 27, 2014

Want to ride for Team Yukon at the 2015 Canada Winter Games?

It’s time to read the Selection Criteria and apply now!
Applications due MAY 1, 2014
There will be a multi-step elimination process beginning with a larger pool of riders and ending with the naming of the final CWG team. This process allows for maximum training opportunities for many riders, yet ensures the most dedicated athletes and those most fit for competition will represent the Yukon at the games.

The final CWG snowboard team will be made up of a maximum of 8 team members consisting of the following breakdown:

2 male and 2 female snowboardcross athletes,
aged 21 and under on February, 13, 2015

– and –

2 male and 2 female slopestyle athletes,
aged 19 and under on February, 13, 2015

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