Call for Volunteers – Klondike Road Relay

Jul 29, 2014

Call for volunteers for Sport Yukon‘s annual fundraiser–the Klondike Road Relay, September 5-6, 2014. Please contact Sport Yukon (867…668..4236) or by e-mail: kpatterson ( at)

We need people for this year’s Road Relay–lots of people–at the checkpoints listed below. Remember: the work is slim, but the fun is abundant!

3) US/Canada Border
23.0km from start
Setup @ 8:15PM, Open @ 9:15PM, Close @ 3:00AM

6) BC/Yukon Border
78.7km from start
Setup @ 1:00AM, Open @ 2:00AM, Close @ 7:45AM

7A) 7km from Checkpoint 7 (at Blue Government Sign)
111.3km from start
Setup @ 3:30AM, Open @ 5:00AM, Close @ 10:15AM

9A) 8.8km from Checkpoint 9 (at Truck Pull Out on Right, just past Cowley Road)
146.8km from start
Setup @ 6:45AM, Open @ 7:45AM, Close @ 1:45PM

10A) 9.7km from Checkpoint 10 (Across from Mt. Sima Road)
165.2km from start
Setup @ 8:15AM, Open @ 9:15AM, Close @ 3:00PM

We can also use a few hands leading up to the race, and after the race. Your help would be greatly appreciated for Sport Yukon’s annual fundraiser.