2014-15 Fiscal Year Begins – Kids Recreation Fund

Apr 1, 2014

It’s April 1st–and that means a new fiscal year begins for the Kids Recreation Fund! Check out https://sportyukon.com/programs/kids-recreation-fund/ for complete information listings.

If you are Yukon residents and your family net income is under the following criteria, we invite you to fill out our Program and/or Equipment Application Form for each of your children (19 or under)…

– $40,494 and have 1 or more children
– $46,163 and have 2 or more children
– $50,626 and have 3 or more children
– $56,993 and have 4 or more children

Also, regardless of whether or not you’ve received funding from KRF in the past, we require the following from every applicant for the new 2014-15 fiscal year…

1) 2013 Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada for each earner in the household
2) Each Child’s Health Care Card
3) Proof of Marital Status (if not Married or Common Law) which can be found on your tax summary, for example

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact 867-668-4236