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Negotiated Fare Offering: Air North, Yukon’s Airline

Sport Yukon Sports Travel Fares – General Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Air North, Yukon’s Airline as the official airline for Sport

Yukon. Air North, Yukon’s Airline is committed to doing our best to ensure that

everyone’s travel experience is safe, convenient, friendly, and affordable.

Introducing: Sport Yukon Fares

Air North, Yukon’s Airline is dedicated to providing all Yukoners with access to fair

market air transportation pricing. We recognize that living in the North provides a

unique set of opportunities and challenges for athletes.

Through meaningful sponsorship, Air North, Yukon’s Airline has created Sport Yukon

fares, a set of discounted fares with favourable terms and conditions intended for

athletes travelling to participate in a recognized sporting event, competition, try-out,

or training outside of the territory. These Sport Yukon Fares will also be available to

accompanying family members and fans.

Travel Request Process

Sport Yukon Members looking to use this program to travel out for competitions, tournaments or coach training opportunities are asked to fill out a Member List Form, found below and a Travel Request Form, each time you travel.  These forms MUST be submitted to our travel coordinator and approved before booking with Air North.  Once forms have been approved, you will receive a confirmation email to complete your flight booking with Air North.  Only members in good standing with Sport Yukon will be approved for travel.  Each member must select a travel coordinator on their request form to be the contact in the booking process. For more information in the pricing and segments available, please see attachment below.  Contact Sandra for further information or to start the booking process

Air North-Sport Yukon Fare Outline

Travel Request Form

Member list – Air North-Sport Yukon Travel Fare Program